CHIVA was established in 2002 as a network for health care providers of children and young people living with HIV. Prior to this it was part of the British HIV Association with whom it still has close links including a CHIVA parallel session at the BHIVA Annual Conferences. In 2008 CHIVA became a registered charity and expanded its work to include direct work with young people living with HIV.

Currently CHIVA:
  • Manages a network for professionals committed to providing excellence in the care and support of children, young people and families living with HIV

  • Develops and updates this website that stands as a centralised hub for information, guidance and online support for professionals, families and young people living with HIV

  • Runs an annual support camp for HIV positive young people

CHIVA has an Executive Committee made up of member nominated and elected trustees, and a Youth Committee that is made up of HIV positive young people who guide CHIVA’s work, and undertake projects of their own.

Additionally CHIVA is active in policy and practice development, as well as national projects to ensure as much support as possible is available for children and families living with HIV.

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