CHIVA Membership

Become a professional member of CHIVA, or renew your membership here. Special offer for 2017 is the combi-deal which gives significant savings for buying Membership and Conference together as a package. 


Combi-deal Consultant Membership Annual CHIVA conference in May £150. Separate fees: Consultant membership £90 Conference £110 (early) / £170 (late) 

Combi-deal Non-Consultant Membership + Annual CHIVA conference in May £90. Separate fees: Non-consultant Membership £55 Conference £65 (early) / £100 (late) 

Combi-deal Non-Medic Membership + Annual CHIVA conference in May £80. Separate fees: Non-Medic membership £55 Conference £55 (early) / £90 (late)

Associated organisation Membership + Annual CHIVA conference in May £80. Separate fees: Associated Membership £45 Conference £65 (early) / £100 (late)

Combi-deal available until 31st March 2017, then separate rates apply.

Consultant Member


Health Professional Consultants


Non Consultant Member


Those working as health professionals who are not medical consultants, eg nurses, pharmacists, junior doctors, registrars


Non Medic Member


Those working in social care, voluntary sector, education or academic institutions


Associate Organisation Member


Current members of BHIVA, HIVPA, NHIVNA, PHP, or RHIVA

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