Conference Registration

Register here for the 11th CHIVA Annual Conference 2017.


Combi-deal Consultant Membership Annual CHIVA conference in May £150. Separate fees: Consultant membership £90 Conference £110 (early) / £170 (late) 

Combi-deal Non-Consultant Membership + Annual CHIVA conference in May £90. Separate fees: Non-consultant Membership £55 Conference £65 (early) / £100 (late) 

Combi-deal Non-Medic Membership + Annual CHIVA conference in May £80. Separate fees: Non-Medic membership £55 Conference £55 (early) / £90 (late)

Associated organisation Membership + Annual CHIVA conference in May £80. Separate fees: Associated Membership £45 Conference £65 (early) / £100 (late)

Click here for Combi-deal available until 31st March 2017, then separate rates apply.


Once you have submitted your name and email you will be taken to the price and payment options

Members Conference Rates


Rates for CHIVA members to attend our conference


Conference Rates


Rates for non-members to attend our conference



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