Art is Key

Art is Key 2018-youth participation for 17-21 year olds living with HIV. 

The project provides participants with the opportunity to explore experiences of growing up with HIV using spoken word, music, dance and drama. 

Alongside working on the performance, stories will be written and shared, to form the basis of a film to be produced after the project. The film we be made with actors, so that it can be shown publicly, to address the issues of growing up living with HIV. We aim to launch this at the International Aids Conference in Amsterdam in 2018.

This years events are taking place over 2 dates. The first weekend ran from 5th-7th January 2018. During this weekend the group worked alongside creative professionals to share and develop ideas, and plan for the week-long project.  

The below image is from the session on sharing experiences of living with HIV.


The second, week-long event will run from 19th-24th March 2018 in London.


In 2015, 20 HIV positive young people aged 17 and over participated in a film making process facilitated by Turtle Key Arts. The group of young people formed a production company to create their film about growing up living with HIV in the UK.


Using the expressive arts of writing, drama, music and film making, young people could share their experiences of what it is like to have grown up living with HIV in the UK. In the first session, in October 2015, participants worked alongside a professional film maker and drama facilitator to explore the subject matter in depth. There were activities to generate ideas, characters and scenarios that formed the starting point to develop into a short film.

Between October and April the group continued to work on their ideas, with input from both CHIVA and the filmmaker. You can read more about their work process here.

After the end of the film making week at the Lyric Theatre in Hammersmith,  there was a sharing of the work in progress for family, friends and an invited closed audience. (All participants in the film have their identity protected.) 




 (Above image shows some of the key themes that emerged through the initial workshop) 

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