Life Growing Up

‘Life Growing Up’ is a spoken word / storytelling performance created with young people who have grown up with HIV who participated in an arts engagement programme delivered by CHIVA. Three actors and a musician perform this piece which was written from the real stories and thoughts shared by these young people. Critical transition issues are explored such as telling a sexual partner about your HIV, maintaining medication adherence and clinic engagement, and managing emotional and social issues associated with HIV. ‘Life Growing up’ has been produced into a film for wider dissemination. The film will raise awareness and understanding of the experiences and needs of young people living with HIV, particularly during transition. 

CHIVA will formally launch the film in the UK on Friday 30th November for World AIDS Day. Following on from the successful premier of the live performance of ‘Life Growing Up’ at the International AIDS Society Conference in Amsterdam in July which was very well received.

A formal launch provides an exciting opportunity to generate wide interest in this piece and ensure it reaches as wide an audience as possible.

This is a short exert from the film ‘Life Growing Up’: stories from young people growing up with HIV commissioned by CHIVA- to be launched for World AIDS day 2018

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