World AIDS Day 2017

Educate Yourself! CALL TO ACTION

This World AIDS Day, can you help improve school life for children and young people living with and affected by HIV?
Children living with and affected by HIV are attending UK schools. Unfortunately, families with HIV can face many challenges including a high level of stigma. In a school context, this can result in bullying and even illegal exclusion of children. Schools want to be places where all children are safe and able to equally access education. They are places where children's attitudes and understanding of the world are developed; therefore schools should model an educated and calm response to HIV, as they would with any other health condition. Schools must ensure children with HIV attending their school have their rights protected and that all pupils have access to accurate education around HIV.

What can you do to help create HIV friendly schools?

  • contact your local school by email 
  • Email them the introduction text Educate Yourself (above)
  • Include a link to this webpage to access the resources
  • join and share our thunderclap campaign
  • tweet using #HIVfriendlyschools #educateyourself #stopstigma #WAD2017 and include links to this page

Resources for schools:

CHIVA and the National Children's Bureau (NCB) have produced guidance for schools that is simple, effective, and free.  Young People from CHIVA made a film about what young people with HIV want from their schools. There is also the FPA resource "Learning Positive: Awareness of and Attitudes to HIV" for schools and teachers.  

The campaign 'HIV has changed' was set up to challenge a lack of awareness or misconceptions that can mean that people fear HIV and judge people living with HIV. Find out more here.


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