We provide a package of therapeutic and fun activities all developed to explore growing up with HIV, build peer networks and personal confidence. Young people attend HIV workshops at camp which explore all aspects of growing up with HIV. These aim to increase knowledge and understanding and offer the opportunity to explore HIV in detail amongst peer groups. Creative activities and performance art sessions offer outlets for the young people to express and share their experiences. Outward bound activities offer the opportunity to increase skills, confidence, group cohesion and build relationships. We undertake comprehensive evaluations of all aspects of F2B each year and are confident in the life changing impact it has on young peoples lives growing up with HIV.

Camp costs breakdown:

  •  £10,000 covers the cost of travel for all volunteers and attendees from across the UK
  •  £30,000 covers the cost of hiring a venue with full board for 5 days sole use
  •  £9,000 covers the cost of training our camp leaders (young adults who live with HIV) who provide a peer mentor role at camp, and our key worker volunteers (65% of whom are also living with HIV at camp 2015)
  •  £40,000 covers the cost of a dedicated CHIVA staff team working to organise and run camp for 6 months of the year
  •  £11,000 covers office/materials/postage and overheads

 Total: £100.000

It costs around £1,000 to send an individual child to camp

You can donate a regular or one-off amount to CHIVA via PayPal here:

or text message: by simply texting CHIV01 £(the amount you want to donate) to 70070

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