Conference Registration

Register below for the 12th National CHIVA Conference, 2nd March 2018. Friends House London, and use our quick link here for hotel bookings. 

Register here for the families conference, 3rd March 2018.

Early registration rates available up until early February 2018.


Consultant Membership rate: CHIVA conference March 2nd £170

Non-Consultant Membership rate: CHIVA conference March 2nd £100

Non-Medic Membership rate: CHIVA conference March 2nd £90 late

Associated organisation Membership rate: CHIVA conference March 2nd £100


Consultant rate: CHIVA conference March 2nd £250

Non-Consultant rate: CHIVA conference March 2nd £150

Non-Medic rate: CHIVA conference March 2nd £150

Associated organisation rate: CHIVA conference March 2nd £150

Industry rate: CHIVA conference March 2nd £300

Conference Registration


Please see below for combi-deal information.


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